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Road Map: Jo-Mar Peñaranda

Isa sa mga hindi ko nagawa as the vice president of the organization ay ang consti
amendment. It was assigned to me before the start of the academic year. I formed a consti
team composed of educom and some senior members of the org. Unfortunately, it didn’t
work due to time constraints. We can’t find a common time for us to do the amendments.

Pagpasok ng 2nd sem, hindi ko masyadong nabigyan ng focus ang consti amendments.
Mas nabigyan ko ng priority ang engmeet at es quiz.

For the engineering meet, I think I’ve done my best. It’s a collective effort of the
members kung bakit ngover-all tayo this year. Siguro one of the important role na
nagawa sa eng meet ay kung panu imotivate yung mga players to do their best in every
game and syempre suporta na din. It’s important na kahit hindi ka nglalaro e, andun ka at
ngchicheer for the players.

For the ES quiz, thought it was not as smooth as it was before, I think maganda pa rin
yung kinalabasan ng quiz contest. Siguro for next year, I-push talaga ung ched
recognition for as to have a much more credible quiz contest and have more participating