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[for the period _________ to ________ ]

1. Name of the INSPIRE Faculty Awardee:
2. Subject Area:
(Code No.)
3. Host Institute Name:
4. Official Address:
(must indicate Telephone and Email)
5. Date of Joining:
6. Project Title:
7. Status of Grant :
Award Amount Research Grant
Amount Released (Rs.)
Expenditure (Rs.)
Balance (Rs.)

8. Scientific Progress Report during the above mentioned period:
(Not more than three A4 size pages)
9. List of Publications/ Patents/ Book Chapter written etc:
(during the period mentioned above)
10. Extra-Mural Research Grant support received:
(indicate Title, Amount, Funding Agency, Date & Duration)
11. Visits made within/ outside the country during the period including participation in
Seminar/ Conference/ Workshop etc.:
(clearly indicating place, date, duration, purpose and source of funding)
12. Proposed activities in the next One Year:
(Not more than One A4 size page)

Date: Name and Signature of INSPIRE Faculty Awardee

Important Points:
i. Report should be printed (Times New Roman, 12 Font, and Line spacing single) on A4
size paper and only one copy needs to be sent.
ii. Report should not exceed five pages in any case.
iii. The first Progress Report should cover the work done during the first 12 months of
the project implementation. Subsequent reports should cover the next 12 months
and so on.
iv. Timely submission of report is essential to facilitate release of funds.