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1. What do you think abt Welcome tea of the club

Too hot
Too many people
Boring and I couldn’t speak anything
It’s funny to talk to make new friends
The leader helps me much in interaction
Comfortable place
Interesting program
2. Do you like the name “fun house” if you have any suggestion, please state below
Yes, I like this name
No. My suggestions are………
3. Do you have any feedback or comment about activities?
4. Can you pay for 10.000 vnd each months for 2 meetings as membership fee it?
Affordable. I’ll pay
No, I’ll quit the club
5. Do you like the place we’re renting for club activities?
It’s amazing with full facilities supporting for group working
I prefer holding the meetings at 125 LTV
I prefer another place:
6. Which size do you think is suitable for our club?
It’s ok cuz everybody is working in groups
80-100 members is ok
50-70 members is my preference
20-40 members so that the efficiency can be increased
7. If the guitar club is established, will you join us?
Yes I don’t know how to play but want to try something new
Yes I’ve learnt playing guitar n I love it!
Not interested
8. Study and Research club is opened will you join us
Group Leader
Organizing team
Won’t join
9. What do you think about the working style of organizing committee?
It’s ok
I like their working styles. I want to join the Organizing committee
Slow and messing
10. Is the program of the club too hard for you to follow?
Yes, I don’t think I can follow it
No, it will benefit me a lots.