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The Bass Clef

How to read the notes of the stave in the bass clef

What is the Bass Clef anyway?

A clef is the symbol at the beginning of a line of music which is shaped like a
squiggle. This tells you how to read the notes on the stave (the 5-rung ladder which
the crotchets and quavers sit on). You met the treble clef in Year 7 and you have
been using this ever since, reminding yourself of the rhyme “Every Good Boy
Deserves Football” from time to time to remember which letter names to give each
of the lines and spaces on the stave. The treble clef works for most high-pitched
instruments, but in Year 9 we will be performing bass-lines so it is important that
you get to know the clef for low-pitched instruments – the bass clef.

Notes of the Bass Clef

Fill in the gaps underneath the stave below with the names of the
notes, then have a go at playing this famous bass-line.