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Laura is a girl. She is the main character of our story . she is 7 years old. her hobby is to investigate strange legends specially is one that to attracts her attention: The monster of loch Ness.

to visit her grandmother but.Laura goes to Scotland by plane. and can investigate . with the intention of having the loch nearer.

goes to the loch.Laura makes oneself comfortable in the house of her grandmother. sees Nessi . She hears a deep voice that says: - LAAAUURAAAAA !! Heeelpp meeee!!! She turns and. and one hour later.

I can -The s ci want t encest o capt me. -Do yo u says L speak?!!- aura -Can y ou do favour me a ? -Yes. ure -Help meee!! -Ok. I d someth o ing to you! help .

as ks her r Laura other fo m grand he T help. other m grand bers that m s reme s contact a . h ask t . she h town hall e in th ey go to h and t e favour.

The town hall agrees and it not capture Nessi because it atracts the turists .

Nessy lives happy in the loch forever and Laura lives happy because she saved Nessy. .