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S4u9 Aigyle St. 2S1 S42 2SSu 9869 Kay Ray Ru.
Beaiboin, NI 48126 Williamsbuig, NI 4969u
Seeking a K-12 Spanish, K-8 Nathematics, oi geneial elementaiy teaching position to pioviue an euucation
foi each inuiviuual stuuent that is both iigoious anu nuituiing in oiuei to uevelop theii acauemic skills as
well as inspiie a joy foi leaining in all aieas.
3,4" -,55"6"Bollanu, NI Wintei 2u1S
Bacheloi of Aits, Najoi in Spanish Euucation, Ninoi in Nathematics Euucation
($78$6)# 95"2"#*)&: 1&,;$+$,#)5 -"&*$<$7)*" =$*8 "#0,&+"2"#*+ $# >4)#$+8 ?@@A 6&)0"+ BCDE )#0
()*8"2)*$7+ ?9FA 6&)0"+ BCG
0veiall uPA S.744.uu
3,#,&+: Bean's List 79 semesteis, Alumni Bonois Scholaiship 2uu9-2u12
>4)#$+8 >*.0: /H&,)0 Fall 2u12
CIEE Social }ustice anu Bevelopment PiogiamNanagua, Nicaiagua

Bevelopeu Spanish language skills anu unueistanuing of cultuie thiough classes in local univeisity,
acauemic excuisions, anu uaily immeision in Nicaiaguan cultuie.
($005" >78,,5 ()*8 >.H+*$*.*" I")78"& Spiing 2u14
Salina InteimeuiateBeaiboin, NI

Planneu anu executeu engaging math lessons that met the neeus of vaiious leaining styles.

Collaboiateu with othei math teacheis.

Communicateu with paients via letteis home, phone calls, anu emails to pioviue suppoit foi theii
chilu anu ensuie that they coulu succeeu in my class.

0tilizeu numeious classioom management techniques such as a classioom contiact, positive

iewaius, cleai classioom iules cieateu with the stuuents, anu school-wiue behavioi inteiventions.

Checkeu the stuuents' unueistanuing anu giowth with foimative assessments as well as summative

0seu SI0P methous in the classioom, such as choosing anu emphasizing key vocabulaiy.
9>J I.*,& Spiing 2u14
Family ResiuenceBeaiboin, NI

Assisteu Aiabic speaking giils with theii English speaking anu unueistanuing.

Planneu lessons anu activities to enhance theii English.

>*.0"#* I")78"& Fall 2u1S
Lakeshoie ElementaiyBollanu, NI

0iganizeu all instiuction anu implementeu successful classioom management stiategies.

Connecteu with each inuiviuual stuuent on a peisonal level.

Collaboiateu with othei seconu giaue teacheis.

0tilizeu physical activities to engage young leaineis.

Cieateu assessments that pioviueu uata on stuuent giowth to guiue my instiuction.

Planneu anu taught an RTI gioup.

Biffeientiateu numeious lessons incluuing math instiuction on coins, place value, anu two-uigit
>*.0"#* I")78"& Fall 2u1S
uianuville Bigh Schooluianuville, NI

Bevelopeu inteiactive Spanish lessons using stoiies, music, viueos, ieauing, wiiting, listening,
speaking anu moie.

Besigneu authentic assessments that weie useu to guiue my instiuction.

Coopeiateu with anu uevelopeu cuiiiculum with othei teacheis in the uepaitment.

Built tiusting ielationships with all stuuents.

Natson, page 2
I")78"& /++$+*)#* Spiing 2u12
Bamilton Niuule SchoolBamilton, NI

Pioviueu small gioup anu inuiviuual suppoit in eighth giaue language aits classioom.

Bevelopeu anu executeu multiple liteiacy lessons.

Auministeieu a foimal Analytical Reauing Inventoiy accompanieu by a case stuuy.

I")78"& /++$+*)#* Spiing 2u12
Zeelanu Chiistian SchoolZeelanu, NI

Bevelopeu an inteiactive pieschool multicultuial unit plan.

Actively assisteu in kinueigaiten Spanish immeision class.

Facilitateu small gioup activities foi stiuggling stuuents.

I")78"& /++$+*)#* Fall 2u11
Bollanu Bigh SchoolBollanu, NI

Actively aiueu beginnei stuuents in theii Spanish language uevelopment.

Piepaieu anu implementeu an engaging cioss-cultuial lesson uiawing fiom my expeiiences abioau.
I")78"& /++$+*)#* Fall 2u11
Waukazoo ElementaiyBollanu, NI

Facilitateu stuuent centeis in kinueigaiten classioom.

Foimally assesseu stuuents with ieauing iecoius.

Assisteu with classioom functions.

I")78"& /++$+*)#* Spiing 2u11
Eaily Chiluhoou CenteiNaplewoou, NI

Actively monitoieu anu assisteu seven stuuents with autism.

Facilitateu small gioup activities anu pioviueu inuiviuual aiu.

I")78"& /++$+*)#* Fall 2u1u
Eaily Chiluhoou CenteiZeelanu, NI

Assesseu chiluien's piogiess anu piepaieu classioom activities.

-5)++&,,2 /++$+*)#* )#0 I")78"& Fall 2u12
NATRAS Non-piofit chiluien's euucational piogiamNanagua, Nicaiagua

Woikeu with chiluien new to the piogiam, coming fiom uifficult living situations, that piesenteu
challenging behaviois.

Facilitateu euucational small-gioup woik.

Piepaieu anu implementeu inteiactive English language lessons encompassing the multiple

0bseiveu home anu school enviionment anu uevelopeu tiusting ielationships with the kius,
ielatives, anu teacheis.
-8$50&"#K+ -)24 @)7$5$*)*,& Fall 2u1u
vaiious Local ChuichesNanagua, Nicaiagua
- Piepaieu anu facilitateu multiple uay camps.
I")78"& /++$+*)#* Summei 2u1u
Nontessoii Chiluien's BouseTiaveise City, NI

Caieu foi infants fiom ages S months to 18 months.

Woikeu with uppei elementaiy stuuents: maintaineu stiuctuie, facilitateu activities, anu
establisheu tiust anu safety.
3,4" %,& *8" L)*$,#+ ?EMMNCEMDOA

Leu cioss-cultuial missions gioup anu facilitate vaiious events.

P,2"#K+ >2)55 Q&,.4 J")0"& ?@)55 EMDMR @)55 EMDDC>4&$#6 EMDEA

Planneu anu facilitateu engaging gioup Biblical stuuies.

/7)0"2$7 I.*,& ?@)55 EMDDA

Assisteu inuiviuual stuuents with aieas of stiuggle.

>*.0"#* -,#6&"++ ?@)55 EMMNC>4&$#6 EMDMA

Repiesenteu fieshman class in stuuent goveinmental activities.