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95 Stories of Conversion and Faith

Peter died 5 March 1922 in St. David Although she was so small that you
and is buried in the St. David Cemetery. could almost hold her in your hand, she
His homemade headstone was recently was a personality that would have to be
replaced (in 2008]. reckoned with under all circumstances.

Peter A. Lofgreen's original headstone

Zipporah Elizabeth Nielsen
Zipporah Elizabeth Nielsen was born
19 April 1858 in Hellevad, Hjorring, Den-
mark. She was the second daughter born
into the family of Lars and Sarah Nielsen.
Zipporah Elizabeth Lofgreen
When Zipporah was two years old
and her sister, Lucy Sophronia, was a few
months old her parents left Denmark and She told of her marriage at the age of
came to America and Utah. twenty-one, as a plural wife, his second,
of Peter A. Lofgreen, also a pioneer.
Not much has been written about her
life. In her later years her memory was a They were among the very earliest
sharp as could be and she was a joy to be settles in, what was to become, St. David
with. It seemed that she had become Arizona in Cochise County.
smaller and smaller in stature as the Zipporah told of an interesting inci-
years passed and she was quite stooped dent that happened there. After the town
in her later years. Her grandchildren and site had been marked off with streets,
great-grandchildren called her "Little blocks and lots, little sapling cottonwood
Grandma". trees were brought up from the river bed
She and her husband and family pio- and planted along each side of the
neered the St. David area in Arizona. streets, and in order to preserve them
and give them a start in their growth, wa-
Her dark eyes were sharp and ter had to be carried up from the river by
flashed and twinkled as she told the sto- hand and poured on the ground around
ries of her life as the wife and the mother the little trees. This went on for a few
of a large family who started and built years with each batch of trees planted,
the settlement of St. David, Arizona and and it fell to the lot of the women and
others. children to do the watering.