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97 Stories of Conversion and Faith

Oh I wish I was at home agen. I am so Ion- mother of 13 children, 7 girls and 6 boys,
some and downhearted that I don't know and also reared a stepson by a former
what I will do" marriage of my husband. All of the chil-
dren grew to maturity in St. David, Ari-
When she turned 80 years old there
was an article published in the Arizona
Republic. I never owned a washing machine, or
an electric iron. I cooked all our meals on
Octogenarian Tells of Life
a wood stove, washed on a washboard and
By Zipporah Elizabeth N. Lofgreen
ironed with irons heated on a cook-range.
From Arizona Republic 1940
When I celebrate my 82nd birthday I never was out of the state, or county
April 19,1 will have been an Arizona resi- from the time I arrived in St. David until
dent 55years. I was born April 19,1858 in 1904 when I went to Huntsville, Utah, to
Denmark, and when I was 2 years old my visit my father. I am proud to say my
parents immigrated to the United home always has been open to friends and
States. After 5 weeks on a voyage in a sail- strangers.
ing vessel across the Atlantic Ocean, we I still reside in St. David and now enjoy
landed in New York. knitting lace and baby sweaters for my
A 2 weeks train trip took us to the Mis- grandchildren and my great-
souri River, where my father purchased on grandchildren, numbering almost 150.
ox team outfit and we started across the (This copy was made by Lena Cole, an
plains for Salt Lake City, Utah, arriving 83-year-old granddaughter, Feb. 20,
there Sept. 22,1960. 1988.)
I was married to Peter A. Lofgreen Little Grandma died on November 28,
July 31, 1878, and he joined early Arizona 1941. She is buried next to her husband
settlers in St. David Jan. 1, 1883 (or'84). I in the St. David Cemetery. She was a most
joined him there April 6, 1885. I am the unforgettable person.

Peter Lofgreen and Zipporah Lofgreen's new headstones, located in St David, Arizona