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12 Peter Anderson Lofgreen and Zipporah Elizabeth Nielsen 94

been a life welded to duty and that he He writes, "On June 7th 1903 I was
richly merits and has the love, confidence ordained a patriarch in the church of Je-
and esteem of every member of the St sus Christ of Latter-day Saints by apostle
David Ward. Matthias F. Cowley".
Be if further resolved that a copy of October 1, 1903 he and Zipporah
this resolutions be presented to Bishop went to the October conference and vis-
Lofgreen and that they be spread upon the ited children and old friends and while in
ward records. Salt Lake City they had their "Second
Committee: John]. Anointing" in the temple of the Lord.
Busby Joseph N. Curtis "Which was a glorious privilege".
James N. Christenson Peter and Zipporah had 13 children.
The two oldest were born in Huntsville
He makes note, in his autobiography and the last 10 were born in St. David. My
that on March 6th of this year (1902] grandmother, Emma Elizabeth was the
Emma E. Lofgreen was married to Cla- oldest of their children. Of these 13 chil-
rence Dana. The marriage was performed dren 6 were boys and 7 were girls. 6 of
by him. them had blue eyes and 6 had brown
eyes. One of them had one brown eye and
one blue eye.

Peter and Zipporah and their children. Of these 13 children six had blue eyes and 6 had brown
eyes. One of them had one blue eye and one brown eye. Ed Lofgreen ;(in the back] is the son of Peter's
first wife, Johanna Sandberg. She died when he was 2 years old. Zipporah raised him.