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91 Stories of Conversion and Faith

Christ of Latter Day Saints by elder Nils Burman."

They left St Louis and moved back to
The family immigrated to Utah in Huntsville where his father, Anders, was
April 7, 1862, traveling first to living, where Peter started farming.
Copenhagen, and then joining the ship,
In his history he states "In the sum-
Humboldt, and taking it to New York.
mer of 1879 on the 31st day of July Zip-
December 3, 1865 he married porah E. Nielsen was sealed to me at Salt
Johanna Catherina Antoinetta Sandberg Lake City." There is no mention of how
in Huntsville Utah. He was 18 and she he met her or any circumstances leading
was 20. In July 1866 they were sealed in up to this sealing. He was 32 and she was
the Endowment house at Salt Lake City 21. Both families were living in Hunts-
and he was ordained an Elder by Joseph ville.
F. Smith. Peter and Johanna had 5 chil-
They moved to Cheyenne Wyoming
where they stayed for about a year. Then
moved to Omaha Nebraska. In 1871 they
took a steamboat to St Louis. There he
learned the trade of Upholstering and
paper hanging working at that for two
years. In the summer of 1873 he went
into business for himself at awning mak-
ing. After that for a while he was a paper
carrier on the St. Louis Globe, but he sold
his paper route and was employed in the
mail room as mail clerk, on the Globe and
afterward when the Globe and Democrat
papers consolidated he worked on the St.
Louis Globe Democrat for upward of
three years.
He became a US Citizen on October
23, 1876. During these years he took
In his autobiography he states "In the
prominent part in the Labor organiza-
fall of the same year I took my family and
tions and in 1877 was arrested on the
started for Arizona, but did not get any
accusation of inciting a riot, but was dis-
further than Richfield, Sevier Co. Utah,
charged upon examination after having
where we stayed over the winter.
been in the city jail for two weeks.
"In the spring of 1880 I received a re-
Evidently that put his membership in
quest to go on a mission to my native
the church in jeopardy because he says in
country. This came while I was under
his history "On September 20th 1877 I
very trying circumstances. I had no
was re-baptized into the Church of Jesus
means and what to do, I did not know,
Christ of Latter Day Saints by Elder David
but I had a desire to fulfill the mission to
M. Stuart and reconfirmed by Elder A.
which I had been called.