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Melaka Matriculation College

English Language Report

9) Do you have messenger? E.g. Yahoo Yes
Tick  and answer the following question. Choose only one. No

1) Gender Male Female 10) How many social networks do you have?
2) Course Biology Physic Account
1 2 3 more than 3
3) Do you have a note book? Yes
No 11) Which of the social network do you have?

4) Does it equip with broadband? Yes No Facebook Myspace

5) If no, which place do you go to get internet? Friendster Others; ________________

Cyber net HEP 12) Do you agree that social network give any benefit?

Borrow friend Cyber café Yes No

6} What will you look for when surfing internet? 13) Why do you say so? __________________________________

Social network online games 14) I find that most girls surf for social network.

Songs/videos Education Agree Disagree

7) Why you choose so? 15) Rank 1-4 for the following items that the students surf the most
on the internet.
Social network Online games
8) How often you surfing internet?
Songs/videos Education
All the time Most of the time
A good of time Some of the time 16) Do you really get friends from social network?
A little of the time None of the time
Yes No Seldom

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