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87 Stories of Conversion and Faith

what clear. He was 21 and she was 27. On April 18, he carefully detailed, in
his journal, the gifts of love and help his
branch members gave to the family, as
Sarah Marie Jespersdatter they prepared to leave, naming each
Sarah Marie Jespersen was born April giver and the gift given, The total came to
14, 1828 at Leerbeck Mark, Elling, Hjor- 16 rigsdalers, 34 [U.S.] dollars, 2 coats,
ring, Denmark, the daughter of Jesper cloth for underclothing, and one muffler.
Sorensen and Kjerstine Paulsdatter.
She had one sister and two brothers.
She was baptized 13 September, 1852.
She does not give any information about
how she was introduced and converted
to the church.
She met Lars Nielsen when he was
going about preaching the gospel. Be-
cause Lars spent his time doing mission-
ary work, Sarah had to support herself
and her children.
Their first child was born 26 Feb
1857 and died, 31 Mar 1857, a month
later. It is interesting that they named
her Josephine Brighamine Nielsen after
Brigham Young.
Zipporah Elizabeth was born 19 April Sarah Marie Jesperdatter
1859. She is my (Orva Jeanne) great 1828-1904
grandmother. (Little Grandma).
His entries about his personal life or They left Aalborg, Denmark on May 8,
feelings were few, stark and simple: 1861 and sailed by way of Copenhagen,
"March 27, 1860. My wife had a baby Denmark, and Hamborg, Germany to Liv-
girl." and "April 5, blessed my daughter erpool England. On Thursday May 16,
with name Lily Sophronia Nielsen." He 1861 they started for America, sailing on
fathered nine children and the longest the ship Eugenia.
entry about them read: "My wife had a
baby boy, was well again in two days." or By then they had their third child,
"My wife had a baby boy, was sick long Lucy Sophronia. Zipporah was 3 and
after time." He kept to the bare facts. Lucy was 2 months.

In January of 1861 the journal told of Their big problem seemed to be food
their preparations to emigrate to Zion. rations as his journal reports:
Lars was released as Branch President of "Wednesday, May 22. Today we finally
Dronninghued when he received his got some food - a little meat, 5 potatoes,
passport on April 8,1861. mustard, vinegar and pepper." They must
have lived on gruel and seasick powders
for the first six days because the journal