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10 Anders Pehrson Lofgreen and Sissa Bengtsdotter 84

Lake. was adamant and he started looking for
another wife in 1878.
"When we went through the moun-
tains, something strange seemed to hap- In November of 1878 Anders married
pen. It was just as if some clouds came, Mette Marie Nielsen in the Endowment
but there was no wind. We looked a little House in Salt Lake City. Anders says they
more closely and found some kind of flies all got along fairly well living in the same
flying so high that we could not see what house as the wives had separate bed-
they really looked like. When we came to rooms. The situation only lasted for six
'Kesvard' we could see what it was — months because in June of 1879, Kjersti
grasshoppers." died.
The grasshoppers were a problem for 1882 and 1883 were busy years for
the next seven years. At times men, the Lofgreen family as all of Ander's chil-
women and children would gather to dren returned to Huntsville, and then be-
fight the grasshoppers, chasing them into gan to move away again starting in 1883.
holes and covering them with dirt. Within a few years it was only Anders
Even with the grasshopper problem,
Anders prospered, owning more acres
than he could farm as well as his home,
furniture, tools, animals, etc. On the 1870
census he is listed as having real estate
valued at $400 and personal property of
During the late 1860's the Transcon-
tinental Railroad was being built, going
through Utah near Huntsville. Anders
and his son Bengt went over the moun-
tains to Weber Valley to work on the rail
lines. They stayed all winter and worked
on the lines as far as Promontory Sum-
mit, finishing on April 12, 1869. The
Transcontinental Railroad was com-
pleted at Promontory Summit on May 10,
Although polygamy had been the
practice by a small percentage of LDS
people, it did not affect the Lofgreen fam-
ily until the late 1870's. In his journal An-
ders stated that, he became involved in
polygamy at the request of his wife Kjer-
sti. As the family prosperity increased,
she thought he should take another wife.
Anders had serious doubts about this be- Anders Pehrson Lofgreen Headstone. Located in
cause of Kjersti's hot temper, but Kjersti Huntsville Utah. Note the American spelling