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83 Stories of Conversion and Faith

After arriving in Huntsville, Anders Winters in Huntsville could be diffi-

built a dugout home on the town lot he cult and that first winter the snow was so
had obtained in the community. Anders deep that they sometimes had to burrow
made a stove from sheet iron which a tunnel out the door. Once when the
helped to make the home more comfort- team of horses got away, it ran right over
able; however, there were seven people the top of the house without knowing it
living in a dugout home that was roughly because the snow was piled up level to
12 feet by 14 feet. At bedtime everyone the roof.
Spring finally came and that first year
Anders finished a frame house with real
pine shingles that didn't leak. Anders also
traded his horses and harness for 20
acres of land in the north field. Then he
asked a man, who owed his wife for some
weaving she had done, if he would plow
the field to pay off the debt. The man
agreed and Anders was able to get his
field planted.
Life was not easy for these pioneers
as they had to struggle with repeated late
frosts which damaged the crops, and
grasshoppers which ate the crops. In ad-
dition to that there was the difficulty of a
short growing season due to the eleva-
tion of the town. Huntsville is at about
5,000 feet.
Education was obviously important
to Anders because in the summer of 1867
he worked on the new stone schoolhouse
Anders Pehrson Lofgreen where his two youngest children were
students. This schoolhouse was to re-
would spread out their ticks or mat- place the log schoolhouse the town had
tresses, stuffed with corn husks, and outgrown. In his journal he wrote that he
their quilts for covers. There was no pri- "made 100 dollars which I donated to the
vacy in this situation which must have school."
been hard for Pehr [Peter], who had just In the 1880 census for Weber County,
married his bride, Johanna Sandberg. his occupation was listed as "stone ma-
In order to feel as if they had some son." That same year of 1867 Anders and
independence, Johanna did her own Kjersti went to the endowment house in
cooking for her husband after Kjersti had Salt Lake City to receive their endow-
prepared the meal for the others in the ments and be sealed. He described a
home. strange experience he and Kjersti had as
they rode through the canyon to Salt

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