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10 Anders Pehrson Lofgreen and Sissa Bengtsdotter 82

Anders and his family, and helped Anders ders looked for land he could buy or rent,
get work so that he could sustain his fam- in order to continue supporting his fam-
ily- ily. He quickly realized that he could not
afford to rent the land so he and a friend
Since cash was so scarce in the Utah
did some searching for land. They found
Territory, there was a very sophisticated
ten acres of land with water rights that
barter system. Everyone also had to learn
belonged to the church. Then they went
to sustain themselves on what they could
into Salt Lake City to track down Elder
grow and produce within the territory.
Daniel H. Wells, who was in charge of
Two of the children, Bengt and Botilla,
church property. Elder Wells informed
went into the wheat fields to pick what
Anders and his friend that they could
was left, gathering a substantial amount
have the land, so they returned to the
before the snow fell.
land, which was in Millcreek, and divided
Kjersti knew how to spin but did not it. Each man took four acres as two acres
have a spinning wheel so she sold a piece could not be used.
of silk that she had (she was going to use
The family lived in Millcreek for two
the silk to make a dress) to purchase a
and a half years before moving to Hunts-
spinning wheel. She then helped to sup-
ville, Utah, which is in the mountains
port the family with her spinning.
northeast of Salt Lake City. They arrived
When Winter came Anders cut wil- in Huntsville in November of 1865, arriv-
lows and made baskets for sale. He then ing there "with 2 horses, a wagon, 3 milk
cut fir trees, split them, and made barrels cows, a full grown heifer, and some other
and pails. When spring finally arrived An- animals, like pigs and chickens."

Lofgreen Home in Huntsville Utah