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Student 02

Letter of Intent

As a student, emerging artist, President of the SJSU Glass Artist Guild, and
representative of San Jose State University, I highly support opportunities for fellow
artists to exchange information. Whether it is for technical information or contact and
networking, participating in conferences such as the annual GAS conference asserts a
notion of community and support that are necessary for the survival and growth of the
glass world as a whole. I strive to be a good leader in the small community at San Jose
State and urge my fellow students to participate in the larger communities of which they
are a part. This GAS conference at Corning especially will offer a rich experience to any
student, providing a context for the development of the glass world.
The GAS conference never fails to provide excellent presenters and
demonstrators, a great technical display, resources for students and school programs, and
inventive uses of the material…such as the Glass Fashion Show. It is worth it just to
contribute to the International Student Exhibition.
I will be representing the San Jose State Glass Program in the participation of a
student hot-glass demonstration as well as an informative presentation about our
program. I see this as an opportunity to expand my knowledge of glass as well as my
network within the community. I consider myself fortunate to partake in this exchange.
As a member of the glass community, I feel that I need to be there.