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Letter of application

My life is unfolding like a mosaic: gem-like piece by piece, and in a pattern I do not
always understand. But many pieces are in place, and at times like these, I can see
pictures begin to develop. When I stop and think about the future I am building in
small, careful pieces, I know that my next step will be to attend the GAS conference
in Corning 2009. This opportunity will give me a deeper understanding of art and
glass, which, combined with practical experience at work, will well prepare me to lay
the foundation of my career as an art professor in the School of Art.

My short-term goal is to teach students in the School of Art. I had the opportunity to
teach flame work at Kookmin University in Korea and now teaching Flameworking in
a small craft center. These experiences have shown me both the challenges and
rewards of teaching. I want to be an intelligent and a heart-touching teacher. I know
that I can contribute the development of glass work.

My long-term goal is to teach students using the most efficient Flameworking,

fusing, slumping, and casting in order to prepare for new forms of art in the future.
That I might participate and contribute to these exciting new changes, I intend to
attend the GAS conference in Corning 2009. After expanding my view and
knowledge through GAS conference not only my art work on glass art, I wish to
teach new formed glass to students with various materials.

However, the financial obligations to attend this conference are fitting in the sense
that its expense provides great difficulty to any aspiring applicant. Aside from the
costs of Conference registration, there is also the consideration of housing expenses
and travel. Financially without scholarship, I would never be able to afford a
conference in Corning 2009. For these reasons, I’m pursuing this scholarship. I hope
that the scholarship committee gives me the scholarship for me to attend GAS
conference in Corning 2009. That will be a wonderful opportunity.

I hope that the committee gives me this great opportunity to attend the GAS
conference in Corning.

Eun-Suh Choi
Address: 178 East Squire Dr, Apt#8
Rochester, NY 14623
Cell: 585-313-6081