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Student Scholarship

Glass Art Society

6512 23rd Ave. NW, Ste. 329
Seattle, WA 98117
January 9, 2009

Dear Student Scholarship Committee,

Currently my educational pursuit is in the field of Art Therapy through the

graduate studies program at Nazareth College of Rochester in New York. I have
recently earned my BFA through the glass program at the Rochester Institute of
Technology in May 2008. Having the passion and knowledge of glass and its
techniques puts me in a very unique spot within the realm of art therapy. Art therapy
itself is still a fairly new and growing field, where I believe the techniques used and
pursued are still in their infancy of development and exploration. Therapy in the
traditional sense of the word, psychotherapy, can be explored using several techniques
and artistic mediums.
There exists today several branches of creative arts therapies, Dance or
movement therapy, music therapy, play therapy, sand therapy, and art therapy to
mention a few. These therapies branch off of psychotherapy to benefit a myriad of
people. I am setting forth in my path as a graduate student in art therapy with a vision to
add to that list- Glass Therapy. To be the pioneer in the creative arts therapy field to
introduce glass as a valid therapeutic technique. There are many people already out
there that can contest that working with glass is therapeutic. The challenge for me will
be to convince the population in the psychiatry field of the same, with results.
To remain a Glass Art Society member and keep ties with the glass and craft
world is of utmost importance to me. My ultimate goal would be to act as liaison
between the glass and psychotherapy world and combine them to meet in the world of
art therapy. I also have full intentions as remaining active as an artist.
My passion for making art and using glass is deeply imbedded and will never
subside. In fact, creating your own art work is greatly encouraged for the health of the
artist/therapist. There is a saying, “you must take care of yourself before you can take
care of others”. The health and sanity of the art therapist is very important, and my
therapy is working with glass.