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I am a Junior student at Nagoya University of Arts in Japan and am researching glass

under a head professor, Michael Scheiner. Next year, I become a fourth grade student.
After the study of glass at Nagoya University of Arts, I will look for a graduate program
in the United States.

It is a first time to participate in the Glass Art Society's 39th Annual Conference. I
would like to obtain many experiences from watching many kinds of lectures and
demonstrations and meeting many people in the G.A.S. Conference in Corning. It is
very important for my future to understand the glass world because I am groping for a
way to become an independent glass artist.

The G.A.S. conference is an international glass event. A participation in the G.A.S.

conference would be a great chance for me to expand my knowledge of glass. I will be
able to learn many different ways of thinking and to further develop my own artwork. I
am looking forward to communicating with a variety of people who comes from all
over the world.