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February 15, 2009


I am a student attending California State University Fullerton. I

have been blowing glass and studying under John Leighton and Joe

Cariati for almost three years now. As an undergraduate finishing up

my degree I am constantly seeking new ways into the glass world. As a

student I realize that it is my responsibility alone to further my

education beyond traditional academia. I believe that Gas offers me

the possibility to do just that.

An opportunity to attend the 2009 conference in Corning NY

along with a visit to the Corning Museum of glass would be a valuable

investment into my glass education. Also, meeting with artists and

seeing work from all over the world, will allow me to further investigate

and rediscover the materiality of glass. Something that as a

glassblower, I feel I may have possibly come too close to.

I am excited to explore new conceptual possibilities for a

medium that I have simply fallen in love with. As a potential candidate

I am certain that I can offer a positive and energetic dynamic to the

conference, and I thank you for your consideration.