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Artist Statement

Glassblowing is a hybrid of arts, joining the aesthetic quest from

the visual arts with the acquired skill and consistency of the
performing arts. The reason I am drawn to both performing arts and
glassblowing is the same: I enjoy the repetition and quest for
consistency. Unlike most visual arts, there are no revisions in glass.
Once broken, glass cannot be fixed. Every time a piece is made, it
chronicles exactly how I moved, which parts of the sequence I got
right, and which parts I got wrong. The ultimate goal is to get all the
steps right every time. I try to make well-crafted drinking vessels. The
cup is the quintessence of technical skill in glass, showcasing precision,
aesthetic, and functionality. As with any art, but especially the
performing ones, nothing can be created with out a strong foundation
of technique. These cups have been created in an effort to hone my
craft, but have also been created with careful aesthetic consideration.
The making of cups has long been out of the realm of fine arts. It has
historically been the work of craftsmen who have moved up or down in
society, depending on how much their work is valued. I take my place
in this genealogy of craftsmen.