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My work is about things left behind by people and the potential that these things

have to say something about the person who has left it behind. It deals with the subjects

of forensic science and archaeology and embraces both those things that were

intentionally and unintentionally left behind. In either case, it is through these things left

behind that human existence is preserved into physical data. It is the only physical proof

we have of the people that existed before us. The documentation and collection of these

things becomes the physical and empirical records of human existence. It turns artifacts

and evidence into data.

In dealing with these topics, I use a level of irony in my work. None of my work

is possible without me creating the parameters of the piece; however, I remove myself

from the work by having participants play a major role. At the same time, my work is

about things left behind by people and all it appears I am leaving behind are things that

other people have left behind.

All of my wok has at least three dimensions and often includes elements of time

and space in the form of the event. Glass has been a consistent part of my work because it

visually evokes the sense of biology or chemistry labs full of their jarred specimens.

While my glass containers may not always look like scientific instruments, the glass acts

in the same way one of these containers would. Glass contains my evidence or artifacts

that I collect in a way that still allows others to see them. It is the anonymity and

universality of my work that raises questions of permanence and ones own existence

while drawing attention to the mundane, or the things that are left behind and not

generally noticed.