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Artist Statement

My work is concerned with relationships and identity. How people

interact with each other and how these interactions are reflected in
our self-image.
My most recent body of work has been examining dreams. Exploring
the significance of the appearance of a familiar face in our

In the same way that art acts as a space of dynamic interactions,

dreams create a space that allows for the improbable and the
impossible. The dreams we have involving friends and family can
illustrate to us how we feel in these relationships, either negative or

By taking this information and translating it, it is possible to use

these dreams to aid the development of our relationship with
others. As all healthy relationships work through compromise, it is
possible that through these relationships we become aware our
strengths and weaknesses. A dream perhaps revealing that
someone is holding you back from what you really want, or on the
other hand, revealing that you need to ask for help in some area of
your life.

However the information provided to us through these dreams is

never straightforward. My work plays with a series of symbols and
mythologies that demonstrate interactions in my life that have lead
to my evolution in the person I am at present. It shows how the
people in my life have influenced me and shaped ‘who I am’. In
doing so the work questions the idea of individuality and the ability
of humans to exist in isolation.