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Student Scholarship

Glass Art Society

6512 23rd Ave. NW, Ste. 329
Seattle, WA 98117
January 9, 2009

Artist Statement

The artwork presented was created during my stay at the Rochester Institute of
Technology. It was recently submitted into a juried show and was accepted. The
exhibition, R-Connection, will be held at Gallery r January 15 – February 21, 2009.
This particular piece, called Time, is a collection of nine mold-blown, glass fetus
forms, which were then sandblasted and etched into where oil paint was applied to
enhance the expiration dates on the tops of their heads. Each fetus has a different and
unique date, ranging from 01/30/1928 – 04/20/2064. They are arranged in a partial
circle in date numerical order and are placed atop a black pedestal four feet by four feet
This piece started as a project based on the word “time”, hence the title, and
there were no other parameters. Stressed out after brain storming for several long hard
hours and days even, it came to me- the vision-an epiphany. And so they were created.
There are multifaceted metaphors embedded in the imagery of this piece that are
subtle and which of the meanings is picked up depends entirely upon the viewer. That is
what I enjoy most about this piece (and art in general), despite my intentions behind this
work, the viewer has all the say in what they perceive the meaning to be for them. For
me it is about life expectancy and how we do not ask to be born, nor do we know how
long we are going to live. That leads into discussion about prenatal death, miscarriages,
abortion issues, faith and destiny, geriatric disease and rights, and slew of other
thoughts associated with this topic.