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Karen Donnellan

Get Your Chakra On

This series of work is wearable and is designed for therapeutic

Chakras are energy centres, located on the midline of the
body. Each centre represents a different physical, emotional or spiritual
aspect of a person. The primary chakras recognised in western culture,

Root: Related to feelings of stability and safety

Sacral: Desires, sexuality
Solar Assertiveness, will power
Heart: Love, affection, kindness
Throat: Creativity, communication
Third Eye: Insight, intuition
Crown: Spirituality, higher powers

I designed each form to be representational of the attribute

associated with that chakra. The root chakra represents stability for
example, therefore I chose a cone shape, which has a low centre of
Chakras were first written about in ancient sacred Indian texts
such as the Vedas. Today, holistic therapists such as Reiki practitioners
work with the chakras to assist healing. By rebalancing them, many
illnesses can be eased such as backache or in my case, epilepsy. This
work is to be worn wrapped around the body to rebalance the energy
centres of the wearer.