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Statement of Works Submitted

I consider myself to be a multi-media installation artist, and I work with a variety of
diverse methods and mediums to accomplish my artistic visions. The work I make is
about inventing an environment based on collage, and reprocessing the world around me
By weaving together incongruous juxtapositions I have the ability to illustrate my own
interpretation of a story that has already been told, or the freedom to devise new
situations or environments that have never before existed. By creating these new
environments I can braid together a narrative of a collective culture, that narrative can
then act as my own reflection.

Through finding inspiration in inherent and primitive aspects of humanity while living in
the digitized and modern year of 2009, a new terrain of cultural fusion emerges. The
materials I use to investigate this fusion include the use of found ready made objects,
newly created original objects, and a synthesis between the two. By devouring and
recycling both old and new ideas the spaces and objects I create can stretch broadly
between cultures and generations.

When I first began my studies at MASSART I was primarily a mixed media painter. Since
then I have explored various ways of translating the visual language of my paintings into
sculptural forms. Through these explorations I’ve come to the conclusion that glass is the
most viable medium for this translation to take place. I have been blowing glass for
almost five years and have recently begun to experiment with various ways of applying
images, text, and color to cold, soft, and hot glass.

I have found glass to be one of the most flexible and versatile mediums to work with, and
although glass is one of the most ancient crafts that still exist, the possibilities of
exploration continue to be limitless.