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The work submitted for this application displays my technical and

conceptual capabilities in working with the medium of glass.

A fourth year Glass student at the National College of Art and Design,
Dublin, I have been fortunate to experience a range of glass
techniques, such as blowing, casting and cold-working. Rolling
Connections (Image 1) displays a composition of vases. Inspiration for
the piece was taken from shapes of the body and Egyptian canopic
jars. The shape was initially made from plaster and carved on the
lathe. Crystal glass was later blown into a mold of the carved shape.
The pieces were then worked on in the cold-shop and arranged as a
composition. Sediment (Image 2) is a cold-worked piece based on
recurring cycles in nature. The complete surface of the piece is
engraved using two different sized tools.

Image 3 and 4 illustrate my ability to work with composition in 2-

dimensional methods. The sandblasted glass was photographed in
West Cork, in rural Ireland. The four natural elements of earth, wind,
air and water have greatly informed this work. The choice of words
Rolling and Heavenly Hurt were drawn from how these natural
elements affected my feelings in this place.

Succumb (Image 5) is an image which has stemmed from absorbing

the area of Dublin city I live, work and study in. The text endeavours to
conjure up my feelings from my habitat. As with Images 4 and 5, the
weather is hugely influential to how I feel in a place. Projections from
the skyline, such as electricity lines and lamp posts, are important to
me because they form part of the composition presented me when I
repeatedly look towards the sky.