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The work I’ve submitted has all been made in the last year and a half.


graduating this semester from the Tyler School of art and have been working my way to

developing a body of work.

Glass allows me to exaggerate and push the notion of capacity. My work reveals

the need to create full, large, and voluptuous form. I’m trying to achieve a sense of

softness when in reality glass is a very hard and fragile material. My forms are inspired

by fun colors and bulbous shapes that you find in everyday objects whether it’s in the

kitchen or in your backyard garden.

The marshmallow piece and pin cushion shows my interest in blowing up the

scale everyday items. My interest in playing with scale was influenced by the work of

Claes Oldenberg’s giant sculptures of mundane objects. The “Snug” piece is a type of

self portrait portraying the struggles of moving from one place to another and collecting

items along the way. Almost like the idea of a pack rat having a burden of material

processions weighing you down. Moving slow like a slug/ snail hybrid emphasizes the

slow movement of life and the stressors in life that can hold you back or weigh you

down. My piece called “Reflection” shows my interest in glass taking on human

characteristics, which I’ve played a lot with in my past work. Gesture is taking under

deep consideration, glass can be smooth and sleek, but also can take the form of pattern

and texture. This form is coming out of a type of shell showing you it’s true self, and the

viewer is meant to view themselves in the mirrors to see past their shell.

My work is still developing and this conference is what I need to meet

artists that influence me and to obtain advice for my future in glass.