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I have submitted five different pieces of work to be used as reference for

consideration for the available student scholarship. My first two images were
influenced by the artist Von Dutch. Von Dutch was a southern California based artist
who was very into creating custom chopped cars and motorcycles. He was very
well known for his pin striping abilities, and had inspired me to try his art style
several years back. I retained his ideas and the eyeball with wings was one of his
signature images. As almost a tribute to his influences on me I created the two
pieces of his two dimensional art, a goblet with an eyeball for a stem, as well as a
sculpture of a larger eyeball with wings. The three other pieces that are submitted
do not have as much influence from another artist. The fluted bowl and the
encalmo vase are a representation of my enjoyment for making functional pieces
that are very colorful. The sand cast head was an idea inspired by my current
teacher. I enjoy the image of the face because it gives a piece a visual personality
and almost a sense of a spirit. The image of the fingerprint underneath is a
representation of the identity that people carry within themselves. Covering the
fingerprint with a clear mask enables one to be able to almost look past who a
person tries to be and one is able to see their underlying identity that lies behind.