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Answer the
Do you like
to celebrate
your birthday
with parties?
What do you find
in parties?
II. Practice

Task 1

Task 3

Task 2
Task 1:
Study the quiz (p. 32).
Make your answers then compare
them with your partner’s. Try to
give some reasons
Are you the perfect

Back to task 1
Task 2:
Work in groups.
You are making a plan for your
birthday party. Ask your friends
for suggestions about

A: I am wondering where I should

hold my birthday party.

B: Why don’t you have your birthday

party at home? It’s cosy and not
very expensive.
Useful suggestions

 if I were you, I would…

 Why don’t you…
 You ought to …
 I think you should…
 I don’t think you should…
 You’d better…
 the place
you hold the
the time
the party
and ends.
 the number
of guests you
invite to the
 the kinds of
foods and
drinks served
at the party.
 the clothes
you wear at
the party
 the activities that
take place at the party

Back to task 2
Task 3: Work in groups.
Talk about a party that you
have recently participated in.
First, listen to your teacher.
 Place of the party

 Time started and ended

 Reason for the party

 Number of guests
 Foods and drinks served at the

 Activities of the host and/or hostess

at the party
Activities of the guests at
the party and how they
enjoy it
III. Consolidation