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Radha Govind Engineering College, Meerut

Ist -Sessional Test -(2008-09)

B.Tech. IV Sem. (ME)
Kinematics of machine (TME-402)
Time: 1 Hr. Max Marks: 15
Note: Attempt all questions.

Q1 Attempt any one question.

(a) A Pinion having 20 teeth of 6 module rotates at 200 rpm, transmitting 2 H.P. to a gear having 50
teeth. The addendum on wheels is 1-module. 5
i) Length of path of approach & recess
ii) Contact ratio
(b) Find the velocity of the arm (E), in an epi-cyclic gear train as given in figure(1) below. Sun
gear (D) has 40 teeth, gear (B) has 60 teeth, gear (C) has 100 teeth. If gear (C) is fixed with
system and sun gear is rotating with 40 rpm in counter clock. 5

Q.2) Attempt any two parts

(a) Derive an expression for minimum number of teeth on a gear wheel. 5

(b) Explain the following with neat sketches- 5

(a) Helical gear & bevel gear
(b) Worm & worm gear

(c) State and prove the law of gearing. Derive and explain the velocity of sliding between a pair of
involute teeth. 5