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Noemi Banegas

What is the Facebook?

Doing the Oral presentation

• Is a social networking website

that is designed to connect
and interact with other people.
Facebook has more than 110
million active users around all
the world.
People can also add friends
and send them messages. It
is a virtual way to build
relationships with new people
and also to find friends that
you have lost contact.
Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook.
Originally was a place for students of
the University of Harvard, but now is
opened to any person that have an
email account. The users can take
part in one or more social nets, in
relation with his academic situation,
his place of work or geographic
The services that offers

• Friends:
It is a way to find those friends that you have
lost contact. You can also add new friends
and exchange photos or messages.

• Wall
The Wall is a space in each profile of user that
allows you to write messages to your friends.
This option is only visible for users

• Photos

• 160 Terabytes of storage

• 5 thousand million photos per user.
The gift option is a small icon with a
message. The gifts given to an user
appear in the wall with the message from
the person who has sent you the gift.
The games that offers facebook has been
very popular. For example you can play
the following games:
- “Guerras de Pandillas”.
- Pet Socity
- “Secuestrados en serie”
- “Amigos en venta”
- Word Challenger
Word Challenger