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I clamor through these castle halls,
a wounded beast who growls and snarls,
at any mortal…friend or foe
A prisoner of the seeds I sow.

My guards stand by, I know no fear.
A heart hewn of stone, no one comes near.
A guarantee, forged of sword and fierce armor,
Will leave me protected from your stealthy ardor.

I sit in my throne of anger and scorn,
My only companion this pitiless thorn.
This pain keeps me breathing, no fear do I face
As I survey my kingdom…this scourge of a place.

My wounds they are many, my pain is relentless
It is only my desire that leaves me defenseless.
And yet you go forth from ramparts apart…
From another kingdom rides an unguarded heart!

What is this! Who goes there? The guards did not warn me!
Of your stealthy approach…who seeks to dethrone me?
Who suffers my curses, this greatest of foes…
Armed only with love, not arrows and bows?

No freedom without meaning, only solitude my fate.
But why do you aide me, force my escape?
Such courage it takes to brave love without qualm
As you step into this room that feels like a tomb.

Your bonds do not pain me, your voice calms my fury.
You stand by your standard, my favor to curry.
You fashion my escape though I am unwilling.
No curses defeat your kindness fulfilling!

Only a true heart would travel this wide,
to open the door, to look deep inside.
You tell me of a Haven, a miraculous land
It sits in the sunshine, it’s build by your hand.

It is here in this Haven that this beast can be tamed…
When I see that a love such as yours still remains.

Oscar Hugo
November 28, 2009