Howard Anderson

Core Music
What to Listen For in Music

 The four elements of music are rhythm, melody, harmony and tone color.

 Most historians agree that if music started anywhere, it started with the beating of a

 From the time of the Greeks to the full flowering of Gregorian chant, the rhythm of music
was the natural, unfettered rhythm of prose or poetic speech.

 When music was first put down, it was not measured off into evenly distributed metrical
units as it now is.

 Many thousands of years were to pass before man learned how to write down the rhythms
that he played or those that he sang in later ages.

In this reading I learned that rhythm is the foundation of music. Back when the African
tribes would do there rituals they would create a rhythm accompanied by their own
aerophone and idiophone instruments. As the years go by we expand on our knowledge
of interpreting music in a textual form. Metrical meter became popular over time so the
composer could classify his piece with a time signature. There are certain rhythms that
have a nonmetric meter such as polyphonic music.

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