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“Boiling Point”

Lighting the Fire

 Uncle Tom’s Cabin
-Harriet Beecher Stowe
-Portrayed evils of slavery.

 Kansas –Nebraska Act

-Popular Sovereignty
-”Bleeding Kansas”
-Preston Brooks v. Charles
Dred Scot vs. Sanford
 Scot is a slave taken
to a free state
 Once in a free state,
he sues for his
 Supreme Court
 Blacks are not citizens
 Cannot ban slavery
Lincoln Douglas Debates
 1858 Senate Race
 Stephen Douglas (Dem.)
 Abraham Lincoln (Rep.)

 Debate over slavery

 Freeport Doctrine
 Douglas’ idea
 Slavery could be prevented
from any territory by the
refusal of the people to pass
laws favorable to slavery
John Brown’s Raid
 Extreme Abolitionist
 Raid Harper’s Ferry to gain
arms for slave revolt
 Surrounded and captured
 Executed for his act
 Respected by abolitionists
 Source of distrust in the
Election of 1860
 Slavery key issue

 4 party race
-Lincoln (Rep)
-Breckenridge (S. Dem)
-Douglas (N. Dem)
-Bell (Constitutional Union)

 Lincoln Wins
 No Southern Votes
 Confederacy forms before he
takes office.