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Morbidity and Mortality Causes

a. Acute Bronchitis - 1
b. Diarrhea - 1
c. Anemia - 1
d. Asthma - 1
e. Hypertension - 1
f. Measles - 1
g. Fungal infection - 1

The cause of morbidity and mortality from this area comes mostly from their
lifestyle. Some got diarrhea maybe because of the environment. Some are
hereditary, but there is a case which it seems that it is not a morbidity and mortality
cause but it may be serious, and that’s is fungal infection. It resulted from maybe
not enough money to buy some medicines, not enough knowledge about the
disease, or by not paying enough attention to that disease.

b. Health Care Facilities and Manpower Resources

As you can see, the one with the highest trend is the Traditional Practitioners. Most
of the people living there are so practical and self-reliant when it comes to health.
One of the major causes of this trend is that of the higher price of the medicines.
The second highest trend is that of the BHS. This is usually occurs when an
individual suffers from an illness and needs medical advice. As you can see,
hospitals are much higher than that of the RHU. This is because they think hospitals
are more reliable than of the RHU. BHS is higher than hospitals because it is the
nearest place that they can get medical help.

c. Nutritional Status of Children (0-6 years old)

Latoreno Digno Family Dizon Family Perez Family Ybias Family

Family 1

Jobert 13 kg John 15 kg Rowe 6.5 kg Xyrem 7 kg Lynel 3 kg

(4 yrs Carlo na (6 Alexa (3 yrs
old) (5 yr mos.) (10 old)
old) mos.

Jessa 7 kg Lallian 12kg Xanji Alyssa

Mae e (1 yr Li (2
(1 yr old) yrs
and 4 and 6
mos.) mos.

Bonag Family Aguelo Aguelo Digno Family

Family 1 Family 2 2

No 0-5 yrs old No 0-5 yrs old Joshua 14.5 Valee 8.4
children children (5 yrs n lbs
old) Athen
a (2

(4 yrs

All the children living in our assigned place are healthy. Most of the parents gave
them right food and had given breast milk to their children. There are only problems
when it comes to financial aspects of their living, that’s why parents are not able to
provide the right kind of food to their children, but as you can see in our table, they
are all healthy. They can still provide the right kind of food to their children.