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Texas STaR Chart

Sarah Schapansky

EDLD 5352
• STaR Chart Information

• STaR Chart Purpose

• Texas Long Range Plan for Technology

• Campus Results

• Technology Goals
STaR Chart
• Determines technology progress

• Reports progress to No Child Left Behind

• Developed around four areas of the Long

Range Plan

Purpose of STaR Chart
• Measures Teachers and students
technology proficiency

• Updates technology plans

• Monitors progress
Long Range Plan
• Improves student academic achievement

• Students must be technology literate by

the eighth grade
Texas STaR Chart
• Key Areas
– Teaching and Learning

– Educator Preparation & Development

– Leadership, Administration & Instructional


– Infrastructure for Technology

Texas STaR Chart Scores
• Early Tech 6-8

• Developing Tech 9-14

• Advanced Tech 15-20

• Target Tech 21-24

Campus Results
Campus Goals
• All students will be 21st Century learners!
• J.H. Florence is rising to become an
advanced tech campus.

• Together our students will become

technology proficient.