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Celebrate the Children

Developmental Individual Relationship - based Intervention
55 Lackawanna Drive, Stanhope, NJ 07874
Phone: 973-448-0041 Fax: 973-448-0200

Related Service Provider Training Package

• Certification Requirements
• DIR Training Package
o CTC’s DIR Training DVD and handout
o Sima or Rosemary DVD and handout
• Developmentally-appropriate practice
• Experience-based learning
• The use of affect in treatment
• Working in the classroom
• Working with the team/Supporting classroom staff
o Professionalism
• Scheduling and Services
o Grouping students
• IEP Policies and Procedures
o Reports and Goals due 1 week prior to meeting
 IEP Goal format
 PLEP format
o Parent Relations
o District Relations
o Recommending Services
• Workspace and storage at CTC
• Work hours and preparation
• Administrative feedback and evaluation