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Question Bank : Advanced Java Programming (9165)

Class : TYIF / TYCM / TYCO (IF/VI/C)

Chapter No. 01 Introduction to AWT

Review Questions:

4 Marks Questions

1) Explain the use of Dimension class.

2) How to create a Frame window within an applet? Describe.
3) Is it possible to create a Frame within application? How?
4) State and explain the use of Color class and its methods.
5) Describe use of following methods with example.
a) setColor( )
b) setXORMode( )
6) What are the variables associated with Font class?
7) How can we check how many fonts are available in the computer
system? Explain.
8) Describe the use of getFont( ) and setFont( ).
9) Describe the applications of FontMetrics class.
10) Enlist commonly used AWT components.
11) Explain following Checkbox class methods with appropriate examples.
a) void setLabel(String str)
b) boolean getState( )
12) State the differences between List and Choice control.
13) Describe any practical application of Scrollbar.
14) Explain the setEchoChar( ) method and state differences between text
field and text area.
15) Illustrate different settings of FlowLayout with examples.
16) State the practical use of Insets and GridLayout.
17) How event handling is achieved in Java? Explain.
18) State when the action event, adjustment event, item event and
component events are generated?
19) Describe KeyEvent and MouseEvent classes.
20) Why adapter classes are required?
21) Explain inner class and anonymous inner class.
22) State adapter classes and explain what are the advantages of handling
events, by extending AWT components?

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