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Question Bank : Advanced Java Programming (9165)

Class : TYIF / TYCM / TYCO (IF/VI/C)

Chapter No. 02 Networking in Java

Review Questions:

4 Marks Questions

1) What is proxy server? Explain.

2) Describe DatagramPacket class.
3) Differentiate between TCP and UDP.
4) Describe the internet addressing and the domain naming system.
5) What is InetAddress? Explain the factory methods of InetAddress.
6) Which are the instance methods of InetAddress class? Describe the
meaning of each of them.
7) How to create TCP/IP client sockets? Explain with appropriate example.
8) Describe the use of URL class by explaining all of its constructors.
9) Give the use of following methods of URL class with suitable example.
a. getProtocol( )
b. getPort( )
c. getHost( )
d. getFile( )
10) What is the purpose of using URLConnection class? Illustrate with
suitable example.
11) How to create TCP/IP server sockets? What are the advantages of using
12) Describe the process of creating datagram server and clients.

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