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etiquettes of criticizing a Muslim brother/sister

It should be remembered that there are some etiquettes of giving input and feedback in
Islam. Some of these are:

• Check your motives (Niyyah) first before opening your mouth. You should be
giving constructive criticism only to help someone, not to make yourself feel
better than others.
• Make Dua for yourself and the person you are approaching before you actually do
• Think beforehand and choose appropriate words.
• Don't sound critical, or judgmental.
• Timing is important: don't do it when the fight is on.
• Criticism is best received when done one on one.
• Remember the Prophet SAW said "A Mumin (believer) is a mirror to another
Mumin." So just state what you see. Don't exaggerate.
• Keep in mind that your information or even your conclusions may be wrong.
• Listen to the explanation attentively and accept it even if it is partially correct in
your view.
• Avoid debating the point.
• Know when to stop. Don't drag out the discussion if it's not going anywhere.