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ADS Wizard

 Logon on the
server as
 Click start, run and
type in dcpromo
then Enter
 The ADS wizard
Domain Controller Type
 The ADS wizard
asks for the
Domain Controller
 Select “domain
controller for a new
 Click next
Create a Domain Tree
 ADS asks if you
want to create a
new domain tree .
Remember that
ADS is not currently
installed on this
domain so it is
necessary to create
a domain tree
Create a New Forest of
Domain Trees
 Having created a
domain tree ADS
prompts for the
creation or joining
of a forest. As you
are not joining this
domain to another
you will create a
new forest
Name the Domain
 ADS prompts the
name to be given
to the new
 Enter the full
name of your
 Ex:
Net Bios Name
 ADS prompts for the
NetBIOS name
 ADS should fill in the
field correctly
 Ex: cs51
Database and Log Files
 ADS prompts for the location of the database and log files
System Volume
 ADS prompts for the location of the
 ADS displays a Permissions
dialog box. This allows you to
support existing Windows NT 4
servers in your network, or a
network that only supports
Windows 2000 servers. If you
had a network that has a
Windows NT 4 Remote Access
Server, you would select the
compatible option.

 Select permissions compatible

with pre windows 2000 servers
Password Dialog Box
 ADS displays the
restore mode
password dialog
box. This allows
you to specify a
password if ADS is
to be restored.
Summary of Selections
 ADS displays a summary of your
Configuration of ADS
 The ADS wizard now configures the
computer with ADS
 This operation can take a few minutes.
Completion of the
 Once ADS had been
installed, the completion
dialog box appears
 Click Finish.
 You are prompted to
restart the computer.