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Verbos Irregulares

Se denominan irregulares porque no siguen una regla determinada para construir su pasado por
lo que deben estudiarse de memoria. En la columna central se encuentra el infinitivo y el presente,
ambos tienen la misma forma salvo que el infinitivo va precedido por la partcula TO.

Atrapar To catch caught
Traer To bring brought
Soplar To blow blew
Vestir To clothe clothed
Cortar To cut cut
Conducir To drive drove
Caer To fall fell
Encontrar To find found
Volar To fly flew
Perdonar To forgive forgave
Crecer To grow grew
Colgar To hang hung
Herir To hurt hurt
Prestar To lend lent
Perder To lose lost
Alquilar To rent rented
Leer To read read
Vender To sell sold
Enviar To send sent
Coser To sew sewed
Brillar To shine shone
Dormir To sleep slept
Mostrar To show showed
Deletrear To spell spelt
Apestar To stink stank
Pensar To think thought
Jurar To swear swore
Ensear To teach taught
Tomar/Llevar To take took
Disparar To shoot shot
Sembrar To sow sowed
Gastar To spend spent
Escupir To spit spat
Usar To wear wore
Despertarse To wake Woke
Comenzar To begin began
Apostar To bet bet
Morder To bite bit
Romper To break broke
Construir To build built
Comprar To buy bought
Elegir To choose chose
Cortar To cut cut
Dibujar To draw drew
Beber To drink drank
Comer To eat ate
Olvidar To forget forgot
Obtener To get got
Dar To give gave
Ir Tp go went
Or To hear heard
Saber To know knew
Aprender To learn learnt
Pagar To pay paid
Correr To run ran
Ver To see saw
Cantar To sing sang
Oler To smell smelt
Hablar To speak spoke
Barrer To sweep swept
Nadar To swim swam
Decir To tell told
Comprender To understand understood
Ganar To win won
Escribir To write wrote

Golpear/derrotar To beat beat
Doblar To bend bent
Atar To bind bound
Sangrar To bleed bled
Quemar To burn burnt
Explotar To burst burst
Venir To come came
Costar To cost cost
Hacer To do did
Alimentar To feed fed
Sentir To feel felt
Prohibir To forbid forbade
Tener/haber To have had
Mantener To keep kept
Tejer To knit knit
Fabricar To make made
Poner To put put
Montar To ride rode
Decir To say said
Agitar To shake shook
Hundir To sink sank
Cortar To slit slit
Acelerar To speed sped
Robar To steal stole
Aguantar To stand stood
Rasgar To tear tore
Arrojar To throw threw
Congelar To freeze froze
Mojar To wet wet
Despertar To wake woke
Retorcer To wring wrung
Prosperar To thrive throve
Encoger To shrink shrank
Cerrar To shut shut
Guiar To lead led
Llegar a ser To become became
Retransmitir To broadcast broadcast
Regaar To chide chid
Desafiar To dare durst
Cavar To dig dug
Luchar To fight fought
Arrojar To fling flung
Esconder To hide hid
Sostener To hold held
Inclinar To lean leant
Dejar To leave left
Echarse To lie lay
Significar To mean meant
Encontrarse To meet met
Eliminar To rid rid
Subir To rise rose
Buscar To seek sought
Poner To set set
Esquilar To shear shore
Cerrar To shut shut
Sentarse To sit sat
Matar To slay slew
Resbalar To slide slid
Golpear To hit hit
Derramar To spill spilt
Extender To spread spread
Hincar To stick stuck
Picar To sting stung
Diseminar To strew strewed
Esforzarse To strive strove
Hinchar To swell swelled
Balancearse To swing swung
Pisar To tread trod
Acometer To undertake undertook
Dar cuerda To wind wound

Surgir To come up came up
Aguantar To stand stood
Estar afligido To grieve grieved
Ordenar To bid bade
Engendrar To breed bred
Arrojar/Lanzar To throw away threw away
Agarrarse To cling clung
To creep crept
Tratar con To deal dealt
Soar To dream dreamt
Habitar To live in lived in
Escapar To run away ran away
Moler To grind ground
Desistir To stop stopped
Arrodillarse To kneel knelt
Colocar To lay laid
Guiar To lead led
Brincar To leap leapt
Permitir To let let
Encender To light lit
Segar To mow mowed
Sonar To ring rang
Perder (hojas) To shed shed
Herrar To shoe shod
Lanzar con fuerza To sling slung
Dar vueltas To spin spun
Dividir To split split
Saltar To spring sprang
Levantarse To stand stood
Golpear To strike struck
Colgar algo To string strung
Lanzar adelante To thrust thrust
Acometer To undertake undertook
Andar a zancadas To stride strode
Sujetar con
To fasten fastened