We saw you
on the sports field
with that boy
at lunch brea
a !irl said
Elaine tried
to i!nore them
they were annoyin!
summer flies
or one of bi! blac fly
that bu""ed and bu""ed
she had been
on the field
with the boy #ohn a!ain
he seemed
to understand better now
he was still
a little weird
with his tal of birds
and butterflies
and what flowers
they lied best
but it was !ood
to sit with him
and not ha$e to worry
any more about him
issin! her
as she did
that time before
now he seemed
less een
or maybe he
was waitin! his chance
or maybe seein!
if she wanted to
and she wasn%t sure
about issin!
it had been so une&pected
and somethin! stirred
in her as he issed her
that fri!htened her
and unsettled her
and she can still remember
the feelin! inside
the feelin!s alon!
her ner$es
she waited outside
the classroom
for the teacher
to come alon!
the other !irls and boys
'ostled each other
or whispered
one looed at her
and said
what was he after Frumpy(
did he want a feel(
mild lau!hter
she i!nored
looed at her shoes
blac and scuffed
her mother said
she%d !et her
new ones later
she put the toes
of her shoes to!ether
pushed them closer
bet he wanted a touch
of you Frumpy
a !irl said
lau!hter on the air
Elaine stared
at the left shoe
felt her toes push
a!ainst the inside
#ohn hadn%t touched her
but did he want to(
she hoped not
but what if he did
and what sort of touch(
and where and why(
she pushed her toes
down hard
a!ainst the leather
she closed her eyes
hoped the teacher
would be alon! soon
bet she lets him
touch her
a boy said
he must be desperate
another said
she thou!ht of home
and her bedroom
and the bed
and her doll
waitin! for her
and some peace
inside her
)* year old head.

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