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English 101, Dr.

By, Michael Wiseley
July 5, 2014

From Aristotles illuminating theories, to Di Vinci sensational breakthroughs in
technology, Shakespeares articulate prose, Dr. Seusss genius simplicity and cartoons. Edger
Allen Poes morbid artistry and Mrs. Emily Dickenson poetic mastery. Finally Metallicas
revolutionary guitar solos and shocking, to the point, no holds barred lyrics. You, the reader
may be asking, What brings all these great names together in one sentence simply put;
freedom of speech, a love of the written word, and the ability to reach out and touch the lives
of generations yet to come. From hieroglyphics to the alphabet. Like mankinds evolution. So
to, has this writers prose, penmanship and articulation reached new heights.
Before I had any formal education in literature and grammar, I was much like a baby
learning to walk, entertaining however, hardly productive. My first experience with writing was
poetry and then music, and like any child, I tried to emulate what I liked. We have all heard the
childs nursery rhyme; Roses are red, violets are blue I rhymed words such as cat, hat, bat
and any other words my child like articulation could imagine. After I was introduced to what I
like to call Poetry in Motion, or more commonly called music, a whole new world opened up
for me! As I tried to create lyrics with meaning and purpose I began to explore authors whose
Literature has survived centuries later, to modern time. Thus began this authors first real
lessons in grammar.
During class, at least in the beginning, I wont claim to suddenly have the wool pulled
from my eyes in grammar. I went into this class, thinking that I already knew what I needed to
know, as far as writing. After all, I have been writing for years now right? Well I have been
proved wrong! There are so many angles and technicalities that I never considered before, and
like it says on the front of our school here, at Western Dakota Tech, a genius without
education, is like silver in the mine. Thus I began to finally dig up the riches buried within
myself. Interestingly enough it began with the first speech from Dr. Greer, commas, commas,
commas. Thus began my grammar and sentence structure improvement.
Now this next paragraph is supposed to entail my after effects of this class. However we
still have time and I am learning more and more every day! What words go where? What the
difference is between a statement and a rhetorical question. Adjectives, nouns, pronouns and
even philosophy. Our teacher, who is actually highly entertaining, is interesting and helpful and
makes class fun, which helps me because I am bored very easily. (Thank you Dr. Greer). My
hunger for knowledge and education has been rekindled and I anticipate great things to come
from furthering my education. I have started to, as stated earlier, mining the silver.
To wrap this up I cannot stress how important it is the write and have the written word.
We all take grammar for granted and English class is never that interesting, to most of us, right?
Well how important is it for us human beings to communicate? Ask yourself, where we would
be without the written word, and them maybe youll understand how important English is to
the education of mankind.