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His voice was carefully controlled, without a hint of warmth, his hand gripping the
hilt of the sword that had been strapped to his hips.

.What the hell are you talking about?. Derek spoke up now, and Arriane realized
that in the days he had been in the castle they had seen little of him, or Caitlin.
She knew so little about him. .Secure your lands? You talk as though you will not

Devlin touched his wife.s cheek, and Arriane saw the promise his soul was
making. He intended to join her as soon as he sent Antea to hell. In his mind,
there was nothing left to live for. How one gifted with eternal life could achieve his
death, she was not certain. But she knew that if Devlin left alone, then he would
not return.

.You will return to the castle first,. Galen told him quietly. .I need her body, much
as you hate it. That is unless you wish her to find peace in death?. Crafty
bastard, Arriane thought to herself. Her father was carefully maneuvering Devlin,
but to what purpose?

Devlin raised his gaze from his wife, and Arriane flinched. His eyes were dead.
There was no fire, no warmth left there within the dark recesses. His heart still
beat, yet he had joined Chantel already.

.Then I shall return her to you.. He shrugged, and for a moment hatred flared
then died as surely as a flame could be extinguished.

.I will ride with you.. Joshua spoke from beside him, and Arriane noticed that he
too had prepared for battle.

She caught his gaze, and held the amber accusation for long moments before
he turned his eyes from her.Ah, she thought,once again he has found yet another
way to blame me for the ills befalling the warriors.

.Then ride swiftly, my young warrior.. Galen nodded, and Arriane wondered why
the others were not protesting what they must surely see. Devlin intended to kill
himself the moment life left Antea. He had no intentions of fighting any longer, of
serving the Guardians who had not answered his call for help.

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.We shall all ride with you, Devlin.. Shanar.s embrace tightened around his wife
as she flinched at his announcement. .I seek revenge on Ariel.s behalf, just as
Derek does on Caitlin.s. We ride together..

It was apparent that it made little difference to Devlin who rode with him.

.My sword will be the one to shed her blood.. His order was made in a voice soft
with deadly purpose. .Do you all understand this?.

They looked to each other in concern, then nodded slowly.

.Very well, then prepare to ride.. With one last trembling caress to the cold, still
lips of his wife.s face, Devlin turned and left the room quickly.

Moments later, the others had followed, and Arriane was left alone with her

.She.s here, beneath the castle,. Arriane told him softly. .When will he know?.

Galen raised his eyes, then moved slowly to his daughter.

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