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Chantel took a deep breath, fighting to still the rapid beat of her heart and the
fear that filled her. Mother Earth had been unable to learn the full details of what
was to come, or how it should end. Just as she had been unable to secure for
Chantel the knowledge she now had, for a later time.

The bargain had been made though. Years ago, after first accepting the crystal,
the Mother had come to her. She had shown Chantel the visions of her life with
Devlin. The few years of happiness, then the pain of her aging as her husband
continued in the youth the gods had gifted him.

She could accept that destiny, or she could choose another. She could be
parted from him for but a brief time, leaving him alone in the dark recesses of his
own loneliness and the pain to follow. Then she would be returned to him, when

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the time was right to defeat Jonar. Only with Jonar.s death would the warriors
complete the quest the gods had given them, and have their mortality returned to
them once again.

It had been a choice that had tormented the young Chantel. Already the dreams
of the warrior invaded her sleep, bringing with them strange, heated desires she
could not put a name to.

Now she knew it was the passion and the love that she could feel growing
between them each day. Just as she knew that soon, much too soon, he would
be torn from her arms, and when fate and destiny obtained their price, only then
could Devlin and Chantel be allowed the happiness they would be destined for.

* * * * *

Chantel was waiting when the warriors rode back into the courtyard with the
King.s messenger. She watched Devlin, sitting strong and tall on his horse, and
fought the weakening thought that she could halt the events beginning at any

It would be disastrous to allow herself to delay any longer. Already her soul
ached until the pain was like a physical blow each time she saw his smile.

He was her warrior. He was irrevocably her heart and her very soul.

She watched as he spoke to the messenger, a frown crossing his brow at
something the man said. His black eyes were narrowed, his arms crossed over
his broad chest as he seemed to be deliberating some point.

.They will be leaving?. Arriane moved beside her, her voice husky from yet more

Chantel smiled gently at her sister. Arriane had not smiled since leading Joshua
from the great hall the night of the warrior.s arrival.

.In a day or two.. Chantel nodded, watching the shadows that crossed Arriane.s

.Is he unbearable, Arriane?. Chantel whispered painfully, hurting for the tears
Joshua had caused her.

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