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* * * * *

Galen watched Antea sway across the room, his brows drawn into a frown. The
knight who had stood within the shadows with her was watching her intently, his
eyes seeing nothing but a whore.s swaying hips.

Galen.s fists clenched, his eyes closing tightly for precious, control gathering
seconds. He had witnessed the display of power within the entrance to the great
hall. He had felt Chantel.s power vibrating throughout the castle, felt the forces of
the earth as it rose to do her bidding, and felt grief swell in his heart.

He wanted only to delay what he knew would come, and yet he could think of no
way to do so. Mother Earth was silent when he pleaded with her, Father Time
could give him little consolation.

He was forced to stand silent, forbidden to aid his daughters now, when he knew
they needed him the most. Forced to give aid and safety to a woman he knew
would betray them all.

Galen wasn.t a fool. He knew well the type of woman Antea was, just as he
knew that her envy would one day injure Chantel.

He couldn.t stop whatever was to come, but as he watched the scene that
played out before him, Galen swore he would make certain Antea would pay
should any of his daughters be harmed by her.

Then his eyes turned to the knight. They narrowed in contemplation as he
caught an echo of menace around the man. This knight had never been one to
invite friendships, yet he was one Galen had always depended on. He wondered
if somehow that had changed.

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* * * * *

Devlin carried Chantel quickly to their bedroom, aware of the others that rushed
behind them. Arriane was calling out orders to a servant as she rushed after
them, fear echoing in her voice.

As they neared the bedroom door, Shanar stepped ahead of Devlin and threw it
open quickly, then stood back as Devlin pushed past him and strode to the large
bed across the room.

.What the hell happened, Arriane?. Devlin laid Chantel on the bed, staring
worriedly at the pale cast of her skin and her shallow breathing.

.She will be fine, my lord,. Arriane assured him as she squeezed around him to
jerk the blankets over Chantel and tuck them close to her neck. .It is merely the
effects of releasing her power in such a way..

It didn.t sound as though she would be fine. Devlin could hear the tremble of fear
in the woman.s voice, the guilt and sorrow that flowed through her.

.Do not lie to me, Arriane.. Devlin gripped her arm to turn her, but quickly
released her as she cried out softly, flinching at the contact.

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