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Babies born in Palestine and Israel, like all other infants, are genetically programmed
to love each other.

They are taught to hate by their families and communities, and by the violent and
divided environment in which they live. They are misinformed that God is on their
side when, in truth, God has no favourites. God does not support those who perpetrate
atrocities or foster hatred.

Once again, the people of Israel and Palestine are embroiled in a deadly contest of tit-
for-tat violence in which there can never be victors only losers. Only more hurt,
more pain and more mistrust.

And, like children following a playground dust-up, political and religious leaders fall
over each other, not to make peace, but to proclaim: It wasn't us they started it.

Surely there is a critical mass of peace-loving citizens of both Palestine and Israel who
have the intellect and the guts to stand up and say: Enough is enough. We must
confront and dismantle the conditions that force us apart.

Israel will never achieve true security and safety through oppressing Palestine and
Palestinians. True peace can ultimately be built only on justice.

Palestine will never achieve peaceful self-determination through the violence of
suicide bombers and rockets.

Israelis and Palestinians are sisters and brothers, and children of God. Their rivalry
does not affect them, alone; it is a poison that ripples through the rest of the family,
across the world.

No conflict is intractable; no disagreement so absolute that it can never be healed. The
world is looking to Israelis and Palestinians to be bigger than themselves; to act
now, before any more children are harmed.
Released for Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu by Oryx Media.