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Three Branches of Government

Created by the Constitution

The Framers
Democratic Republic
Demo= People
Cracy= Rule of
Republic- Form of government where
citizens elect representatives to run their
Federal Government -A system where power is
divided between the national
and state governments.
The Federal government has Enumerated
Powers granted only to them. For
Example, the coining of money, and declaring
The states have

The states have Reserved Powers granted only
to them. For example, driving age, marriage age,
and drinking age.
Both the Federal government and the states
have Concurrent Powers. For example, the power
to tax, enforce laws, and establish courts.
Bicameral- A two-house Congress.
Constitutional Supremacy- A clause establishing
the Constitution as the supreme law of the land.
No federal, state or local laws may violate the
Separation of Powers- Allows each
branch of government only
those powers delegated
to it by the Constitution.
Upper House- Senate= 100 members.
Lower House- House of Representatives = 435 members
Barak Obama
President of the US
Joe Biden
John Kerry
Sec. of State
Sec. of the Treasury
Jacob Lew

Chuck Hagel
Sec. of Defense
Capitol Hill
The Connecticut Compromise-
Solved the disagreement
between large & small states over
representation in Congress.
Small States- Equal representation in the Senate
2 senators no matters size of state.
Large States- Membership of the
House of Representatives is based on
states population.
Three-Fifths Compromise

The Three-Fifths Compromise was a compromise between
Southern and Northern states in which three-fifths
of the population of slaves would be counted for the
purposes of taxation and representation in the
United States House of Representatives.
Ca. Sr. Senator Dianne Feinstein
Ca. Jr. Senator Barbara Boxer
Speaker of the House of Representatives
Congressman John Boehner
Ken Calvert
Congressional District
United States Supreme Court Building
The Judicial Branch
John Roberts
Chief Justice
Ruth Ginsberg
Sonia Sotomayor
Elena Kagan
Clarence Thomas
National (Federal) Government

State Government
US Capital =
US Senators
& Congressmen
State Capital =
State Senators
& Assembly
Chief Executive-
Chief Executive-
Bush 271 Electoral Votes Bush Popular Votes = 50,456,000
Gore 268 Electoral Votes Gore Popular Votes = 50,999,000
2000 Election